Friday, July 27, 2012

The Snufflelump

The Snufflelump is a friendly inqusitive mammal from the planet Lumpet. Its most obvious attribute is its remarkable snout! It is used to sniff out, and indeed snuff out, the insects known as Sniffets' which is its main food source. It has a very powerful sense of smell and can detect the Sniffets* from more than 2 (Earth) miles away. It uses its snout to create an air tight seal over the entrance to the Sniffets home and then sucks out the hapless Sniffets! A Snufflelump has suction power much more powerful that even the best vacuum cleaners on Earth.
The Yellow 'Pineapple Sponge' Sniffet

The Snufflelump has 4 small legs and so rarely reaches speeds of greater than 2 miles an Earth hour, but then it prefers to leasurely walk around taking the time to sniff the flowers. It has large eyes which allows it to see the sniffets and there often concealed home entrance. It has a striped band around its middle which makes it quite fashionable amongst the animals on Lumpet. The female Snufflelump is more inteligent than the male enabling it to be better at the game of Hide and Seek (a Snufflelumps favourite pastime).

Home: Planet Lumpet
Diet: Sniffets
Temperment: Very Friendly
Favourite Activity: Hide & Seek
Strengths: Excellant sense of smell, Suction Power, Good abilty to hide
Weaknesses: Slow runner, poor hearing, forgetful

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*Sniffets have a very distinctive smell, dictated by there colour. More details on Sniffets will be available soon.

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  1. I love it!!! Not just the Snufflelump itself, which is fabulous, but the whole setting. You are like the David Attenborough of the knitted strange creatures world :)