Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Snufflelumps Big Adventure!

The Snufflelump thought it was time he got to see some of the world - Earth that is.

So off he went of his first Big Adventure!!

First he went to the area known as The Lake District, he had been told that there he would find large expanses of water surrounded by lovely green countryside. He was not disappointed! He was impressed by the white animals that seemed to float across the water. They had strange long necks and made strange noises. He wanted to try out the wooden boats but had forgotten to pack his rubber ring.

After the excitement of the Lakes and as it was such a sunny day he was advised to try the traditional British pastime of having a long cool beer outside a public house which most people referred to as a 'Pub'. It was great just to sit back and enjoy the views after all that walking around a place called Windermere. He looked it up and discovered it had been around for over 13,000 years - he continued to be suitably impressed.

The next day he got to go to the beach! It was in a place known as Scotland so he was no longer in England and had travelled to a new country! He was sooo excited!
The beach was a lot of fun, it was full of sand which was very easy to dig in but got everywhere! He got sand in his feet and sand in his tail hair and even sand in his snout! He went down to the sea and saw how it moved in and out. He was told this was due to the tide and also was under control from the Earths Moon. He found this hard to believe and wondered if the Moon had a remote contol like he had seen for the TV.
The Snufflelumps adventure wasn't all play though, next up he went to find out about this guy called Robbie Burns. He was an important man that was very popular in Scotland. He was a little disappointed that he was no longer around but got to visit his house and found out all about his poems and music.
The Snufflelump returned home and was so happy to have seen so many things and loved his Big adventure!

Make your own Snufflelump! Relive his adventure and create many more!

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