Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Gulpalump!!!

The Gulpalump is a very patient creature that will happily wait for hours (Earth) for the next unsuspecting Heli-Bug* to land on its platform. Once it has landed the Gulpalump remains very still and waits for it to enter the ‘Danger Zone’ (see details below), then it takes a deep breath sucking the silly bug into the ‘Critical Zone’ where death by Gulping is imminent. 

The Zones!
The Gulpalump’s main feature is its top platform which resembles a common flower on the Planet Lumpet**. It has a frilled edge with 3 zones. The outer Zone is relatively safe for the bugs - it is only when it wanders into the yellow ‘Danger Zone’ that it is in trouble. The red ‘Critical Zone’ usually means imminent death to the bug as it is gulped down (unless the Gulpalump is asleep again). 

It also has 3 sturdy legs for spending long periods of time standing in one spot as it rarely moves and 1 large eye which is often closed for deep mediation. It is believed that the Gulpalump is very wise and spends much of its time deep in thought. Many others seek out the Gulpalumps to help answer and solve their problems.

*Heli-Bugs have small round bodies and long noses; they have 2 wings that rotate like helicopter blades that allow it to hover over flowers. Like Sniffets they come in various colours and flavours. More details on Heli-Bugs will be available soon.
**Lumpet is in a galaxy far, far away (further than Tatooine). It is the 4th planet from its Sun and has a gravity 1.25 x greater than Earth.

The Gulpalump with his friend The Snufflelump!

Home: Planet Lumpet
Diet: Heli-Bugs
Temperament: Patient and calm
Favourite Activity: Having deep Thoughts (and sleeping)
Strengths: Patience, sturdy legs, thought to be very wise
Weaknesses: Often falls asleep, no depth perception

Make your own Gulpalump! The pattern is available from my Etsy Shop - Monster Den!

It is simple to knit in the round using double pointed needles - so no seems to sew up. 

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