Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Heli-Bugs

The Heli-Bugs are small insect like creatures from the planet Lumpet. They have a round body, a long-nosed snout and small helicopter like wings. Their wings rotate round much like an helicopter allowing them to go straight up or down and hover over plants. They dart from plant to crevice looking for tasty bites which they suck up through their long snout. The snout enables them to get into those hard to reach corners and dips.

Like the Sniffets (see earlier posts), these have been documented to come in 5 main colors/flavors but the last - 'Chocolate Supreme' is so rare it is almost mythical!

  • Rhubarb Puff - red, with a well rounded belly that is mainly air (sucks up too much gas)
  • Pink Blamange - pink, often wears a bow.
  • Chicken Korma - dark yellow, can be quite spicy.
  • Mushy Pea - green, blends well into surroundings.
  • Chocolate Supreme - Brown, rich and velvety - very highly prized!

These Heli-bugs are the main source of food for the Gulpalump. They entice the Heli-bug down onto its 'platform', which looks like a flower. Once they are in the 'critical red zone' they are Gulped down into its belly. Often an Heli-bug has escaped to tell the tale* and become a Hero much celebrated by its kind!
*usually the Gulpalump has fallen asleep and failed to notice when the Heli-bug landed.

These little pesky bugs are easy to knit and come free with the Gulpalump pattern! All you need is small 2.25mm double pointed needles and some scraps of yarn in your choice of color/flavor - which will you make? Pink Blamange or maybe the rare Chocolate Supreme!

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