Thursday, February 7, 2013

New Pattern! The Droplet!

The Droplet is a very special creature that has a very happy nature and is nearly
always smiling.

It starts life as a very small round drop on the underside of large plant leaves.
As it grows rounder and larger a stalk forms at the top between where it is attached to
the leaf and its main body. This stalk is stretched as the Droplet gains weight. When the Droplet reaches maturity (between 4-6 months) it detaches from the leaf and drops to the ground. Its two large flat feet are designed to absorb the shock of the drop.

The Droplet is now ready to explore its new World! It loves to see new sights and meet new creatures. Its sunny, happy nature ensures it rarely comes to any harm as everything it meets is so charmed by it!

Here it is with the gang!

The Droplet is now available to buy in my Etsy store or on Craftsy!

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