Monday, April 8, 2013

Snufflelump has a new Adventure!

There's just no stopping this little Snufflelump! When he heard about a trip to the Cotswolds in England he just had to go too. He's a very light packer and so was ready to embark in super fast time, so Friday morning he was waiting by the door for us slow humans to finish breakfast and start the adventure.

Follow his discoveries in the pictures below:

 Here he is at Bourton on the Water, called 'Little Venice'. It was a delightfully pretty village and Snufflelump particularly enjoyed crossing the little bridges and looking at the strange ducks.
After climbing the green spiral mountain, the Snufflelump could truly appreciate the wonderful views from Sudeley Castle!
 Snufflelump learns about the bees and bugs found in the countryside and how we can make them homes to live in. He was really temped to try sucking at the holes to see what was inside .....

Snufflelump enjoys a ride on a super gigantic snail - he thought it was a tad slow though.

He is very impressed with this Knight and is considering getting some armor made for himself.

Lastly, here he is enjoying the lovely flowers in the room.

He really enjoyed his adventure in the Cotswolds and can't wat for the next one!

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