Monday, April 15, 2013

Gnome Workshop!

Sunday Afternoon was the perfect time to start the Gnome Workshop, using Anna Hrachovec's lovely mini gnome pattern.
 Starting with the Gnome's bottom using 4 double pointed needles (2.25mm) the workshop was soon underway.

Reg the Gnome making assistant was happy to make the finishing touches with the beard.

and used the magic sticks to bring another Gnome to life!

In no time at all the 2 new Gnomes were ready and up to mischief! Here is one counting down from 10 as another runs off to hide. All Gnomes enjoy a game of hide and seek.

 Can you spot the hiding gnome?

The Gnomes attempt a tricky balancing act!

Now there just showing off

3 happy Gnomes ready to cause havoc!
Oh look! he's found a friendly mushroom!
 Overall, a very productive Sunday afternoon :D

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