Monday, January 16, 2012

Creating Fun Kindle Covers!

I recently got a Kindle - the smaller one without the keyboard bit, and thought it would be a great idea to create a cover for it. At first I thought a monster face would do the trick but then I watched My Neighbour Totoro and knew it had to be a Totoro case!! I love rich colours especially blue and so designed it based on the Blue Totoro.
Here it is:

Its made out of felt and I hand sewed the eyes, nose and belly on. The belly is lightly stuffed so its kinda cuddly :D I machine sewed the edges to make sure it would be sturdy and added ears!

Do you like?

I then had to make a Totoro plush! I did a grey one from felt - its totally handswen - no glue anywhere. I made a separate leaf to pop on his head.

These will be available to buy in my shop  - Monster Den on Etsy.
I am now making the Blue Totoro plush and maybe the White one too!

Progress will be reported in my next post!

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