Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Kindle Covers Update!

I now have 4 Kindle cover designs!
I made the Totoro cover - the large Grey one that is known as the Keeper of the Forest. He has a lovely padded belly and cute ears sticking out at the top!

and I made Chu Totoro - the smaller blue one that is first seen collecting nuts in the film.
I then decided I needed to make a Domo Kun case as I love this character too!
Lastly I did a Pac Man case as I had this requested by a friend! The Pac man is padded too so offers some cushioning for the kindle and makes it look extra awesome!

I hand sewed the features onto all the cases and used a machine around the kindle case edges to ensure they were strong. I hope you like them - they can be bought in my Esty shop - Monster Den:

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